Medical Studies

The recent rise in popularity of CBD and other forms of medical cannabis is a direct result of its many undeniable benefits (as seen across the United States for example).  This has fuelled research within medical communities on a global scale and some law makers are still playing catchup. 

To enable our customers to easily do their own research and decide for themselves if CBD could help them, we have compiled a list of links below to various biomedical studies and life sciences literature published with the US National Institute of Health's National Library of Medicine's (NIH/NLM) online archive.



Flora Farmacy do not make any medical claims and all of our products are sold as food supplements as required by law. 

As always, if you are currently on any form of medication or treatment you should consult with your doctor before starting any new form of supplementation.







Pain Relief



Other Potential Benefits


Ingestion (via Capsules, Gummies and Teas)

Inhalation (of Vape E-Liquids)

Sublingual Administration (via Oil Droppers and Sprays)

Topical Application (of Balms)