Measuring your Dosage with a CBD Oil Dropper

A very important, if not the most important topic when it comes to CBD is dosing.

CBD Oil Droppers is a very popular method of administering CBD however knowing the exact dose you are giving can be tricky at 1st. Let's note a few things...

Each Flora Farmacy dropper bottles contain 10ml of oil and each dropper bottle's pipette holds 1ml of oil or an estimated 35 drops.

  1. The total amount of CBD contained within the 10ml bottle is listed on the front of the oil. For example...

    500mg total CBD per 10ml bottle

  2. If each pipette holds 1ml of oil then that pipette also contains 1/10th of the total amount of CBD which is 50mg.

    500mg CBD / 10 = 50mg of CBD per 1ml pipette

  3. If each 1ml pipette holds an estimated 28 drops then each drop would contain 1.78mg of CBD.

    50mg CBD per pipette / 28 drops = 1.78mg CBD per drop

  4. If the desired dose was 10mg of CBD then 6 drops would be taken sublingually.

    10mg / 1.78mg per drop = 6 drops

  5. In this example, depending on how many doses where taken each day, it could be more cost effective to use a stronger CBD oil which could deliver a similar dose in fewer drops.

    6 drops of 500mg CBD = 3 drops of 1000mg CBD

For super accurate dosing, a 1ml oral syringe can be used to measure the exact 1ml mark on your pipette. Once that is established check exactly how many drops that 1ml pipette dispenses.

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